Terms and Conditions

Bookings, prices & Payments

A minimum £10 per bird booked deposit, along with a completed booking form and a signed copy of these Terms & Conditions is required to confirm a booking with the balance payable on the day of the shoot.

Deposits are non- refundable.


Glennoo Game Sports operates a non-refund policy.  Once you have booked and paid your payment it is non-refundable.  If you wish to change the date of your shoot day you may do this providing you give 4 weeks’ notice in writing by email.  Any person making a booking is responsible for taking out any necessary insurance with regard to cancellation of any or all the days for whatever reason to include bad weather, disruption by a third party or a ban on shooting.  We recommend you insure this booking through www.gunsonpegs.co.uk.
However Glennoo Game Sports reserves the right to cancel any day or part day for whatever reason and in this case all deposits paid for that day or part day shall be repaid in full immediately.  Glennoo Game Sports shall not be liable for any additional or other losses the person making the booking may incur as a result of this cancellation.
The person making the booking shall be responsible for all his/her guests, invitees and other guns and also for ensuring they abide by the terms and conditions herein contained.


The Game Keeper’s & Shoot Captain’s tip is £20 per Gun for our Driven days , and £10 per Gun for our Walk Up/Rough Shooting days.   Beaters & Pickers tip is at the Guns discretion and their enjoyment.


Glennoo Game Sports insist all Guns have adequate public liability insurance of not less than £1 million through BASC, NARGC or Countryside Alliance or similar. Henceforth all insurance will be checked before shooting commences and any gun not being able to produce documentation will be required to sign up to the Glennoo/Countryside Alliance syndicate day cover. We charge £12 per Gun for this.

Shotgun Licenses & Cartridges:

Glennoo Game Sports insist that anyone shooting at Glennoo must have a valid shotgun license.  Guns visiting from abroad can be assisted with a visiting permit; young shots can be assisted by a responsible parents/adults over 21 who are Shotgun License Holders with their own guns.  Guns are expected to abide by the current UK legislation for shooting non-toxic cartridges on wild fowl.  Guns will provide their own ammunition but we insist on a minimum of 6 shot and fibre wads. This will be checked and if necessary ammunition from our own dealer will have to be purchased.

Beaters & Pickers Up:

Glennoo Game Sports will provide all the Beaters & Pickers Up appropriate for the shoot.
We have a professional Picking Up and Beating Team at Glennoo Game Sports, however guests may bring their own dogs provided they are steady and under control, all owners must carry a lead. Any Guests whose dog is deemed to be out of control and which poses a risk to disrupting the shoot day will be asked to return the said animal to their vehicle.

Health & Safety:

Glennoo Game Sports has a full Safety Policy.  Glennoo Game Sports insists everyone is responsible for his or her own Safety whilst at Glennoo.
Glennoo Game Sports accepts no responsibility for injury, loss of life or property whilst on the Glennoo Shoot. By taking or buying game from Glennoo Game Sports you accept it may contain shot and that it should be fully checked before eating.

Unsafe Shooting:

Glennoo Game Sports operates a zero tolerance policy on unsafe shooting, if a shot is deemed to be unsafe the drive/shoot will be stopped and the person shooting unsafely will be asked to leave the shoot with no refund.

By making your payment to Glennoo Game Sports you accept these Shoot Terms and Conditions for you and your shooting party.

Glennoo Game Sports reserves the right to change these Shoot Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Driven Days:

The bag numbers that can be booked is as follows:

Driven Days – 100 – 250 birds
Late season – Bag limits may be reduced
On our Driven days Shooting parties must pay for the bag booked, whether or not they shoot that number on the day.
Glennoo Game Sports will ensure that sufficient birds are flushed over the guns to reach the bag limit.
Glennoo Game Sports makes no warranty whatsoever as to the amount of shooting each individual gun receives.
We offer a 5% overage Free Off Charge on our Driven days.

We recommend teams of 8-10 guns maximum for our driven days.

Walked Up / Dough Shooting Days:

Our walked Up/Rough Shooting Days are offered from 1st September until the end of January.  It must be understood that on these late season days Guns are paying for the days shooting and enjoyment and not for the size of bag.

However we do expect that a party of 4/5 guns would shoot in the region of 20/25 head of game, a mixture of partridge, pheasant, duck, woodcock and snipe.

On our Walked Up/Rough Shooting Days guests should note that all birds hit with shot are part of the bag whether they are retrieved or not. We make every effort to pick the birds with our professional picking up team that are deemed hit by the guns.

We recommend teams of 4-8 guns maximum for our Walked Up/Rough Shooting days.

Wild Duck Shooting:

Our wild duck days consist of decoying or flighting wild ducks from either a boat or the shores of Lough Erne as well as other loughs and splashes. We have numerous natural loughs in beautiful settings. We have shooting rights to parts of Lough Erne. This includes two large private islands where there is a further opportunity of pheasants, partridge and woodcock. The islands and water are only accessible by boat and so a certain level of fitness is required for embarking and disembarking of the boat. No extra assistance can be offered. The boat is accessed by a jetty.

We recommend a team of 4 – 6 guns for this wild duck shooting

Woodcock, Snipe & Wild Bird Shooting:

It must be understood that on these days we shoot wild birds.  Success depends on a combination of favourable weather across Europe and Russia, migration and competence of the gun.  Glennoo Game Sports makes no guarantee on size of the bag on these days but we do our best to ensure you and your team have the most enjoyable day possible.  Please note a Woodcock ban due to freezing conditions is beyond our control and up to you to insure against.