Walked up days

In addition to our Driven shooting, we are able to offer fantastic Rough Shooting Walked-Up days on the valleys and moorlands of Glennoo Mountain .  These walk up days are designed for teams of  a maximum of 4- 5 guns.

Alderwood Sporting – Rough Shooting Walked Up Days

Our Rough Shooting Walked up days are offered from 1st September until the end of January.

Our Walked Up Rough Shooting days are offered with Glennoo Game Sports hospitality. 

You will find the Glennoo team friendly, professional and welcoming.  Glennoo Game Sports is a traditional shoot and guests are asked to dress accordingly.

Hospitality includes:

  • A Shoot Guide for the day.
  • Tea, Coffee and morning snacks on arrival.
  • End of day Soup & Sandwiches in our Shooting Lodge.