Driven game shooting is one of the great Irish and English traditions and at Glennoo Game Sports we are able to offer just that

Driven Partridge, Pheasant & Duck Shooting in Ireland

Driven game shooting is one of the great Irish and English traditions and at Glennoo Game Sports we are able to offer just that.   Nestled amongst 26,000 acres of the breath taking rugged beauty of the South East Tyrone Mountains and Valleys of Slieve Beagh.   Our unique Glennoo topography offers a vast array of sporting opportunities and enables us to display birds from a variety of heights, angles and speeds making for a fun and exhilarating days shooting.   We offer driven pheasant, driven partridge and driven duck shooting over a mixture of heather covered moorland, evergreen forest and ancient woodland.

We pride ourselves in offering some of the finest driven partridge, pheasant and driven duck shooting in Ireland.

What We Offer:

At Glennoo Game Sports we offer mixed bag driven shooting days on driven partridge, driven pheasant and driven duck.  The bag for a typical team of 8-10 Guns can be varied from 100 birds up to 350 bird days.  We offer driven shooting from the first week in September through to the end of December.

In total we have 20 different named drives over 4 different locations .

Our Locations

Glennoo Mountain

An area of outstanding natural beauty, which stands at over 1200 feet above sea level.   Red Leg Partridge are driven off the heather covered mountain tops and valley sides.

The Red Partridge is not only a beautiful bird but one of the world’s fastest and most challenging.   Its vertical take off and the sound of its wings unique.   Its flight is both rapid and irregular,  it is a smaller target than a pheasant and tests even the most accomplished of  shots.

We have 13 different partridge drives on Glennoo Mountain.   Each of our drives are designed to provide a unique sporting challenge.   At Glennoo Game Sports we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate driven partridge experience with several of our drives producing truly spectacular high flying birds.

  • The Highway Man
  • The Machine Gun
  • The Yankee
  • The Butts
  • The Dam

Sara’s Homestead

Named after Sara Primrose the last resident of the old farm house located in the centre of this area.  Sara’s Homestead located in the lowlands of Glennoo Mountain offers 3 different mixed pheasant and partridge drives over spruce, deciduous forest and ancient woodland.  Each of our drives are designed to provide a unique sporting challenge testing even the most experienced team of guns.

  • The Stone
  • Sara’s
  • The Ghost

The Curragh

The Curragh is the name of the surrounding townland located in the foot hills of Glennoo Mountain and offers 2 different named drives one duck and one mixed pheasant and partridge.   In this area birds are driven from evergreen spruce, newly planted firs and strategically placed cover crops producing really testing shots for even the most experienced game shooter.

  • The Crush
  • The Curragh


McCaffreys is the name of the low hills located in the Valley of Glennoo Mountain however they still stand at over 1000 feet above sea level.  In this region we have 3 named drives where both pheasant and partridge are driven from newly planted forest, heather cover moorland and bracken covered foothills.

  • Arthur’s
  • The Watch Tower
  • Colin’s

Get to know us

We only shoot each of our 4 areas on alternate weeks,  therefore resting the grounds between shoots.
There will generally be between four to five drives in a shooting day.  Each drive is from a different location on the shoot and each is designed to present different flying birds.  Driving pheasants, partridge and duck is an art form and at Glennoo Game Sports we pride ourselves in the quality and the flying ability of our birds.  In many instances, the landscape has been planted with trees and strategically placed cover crops to accommodate the birds and enhance the quality of our drives.

Normal Shoot Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Driven bird days are offered with full Glennoo Game Sports hospitality

Hospitality includes:

  • Breakfast (coffee & bacon roll)
  • Elevenses in the field.
  • Lunch in our Shooting Lodge
  • End of day Beverages.

Transport between drives is provided on our shoot bus so 4×4 vehicles are not essential and all our shooting pegs are easily accessible.  You will find the Glennoo team friendly, professional and welcoming.  Glennoo Game Sports is a traditional shoot and guests are asked to dress accordingly.

Our Location

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